Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Another act of savagery

Muslim thugs invaded a Catholic church in Normandy and slit the throat of an elderly priest.

Of course, just because they were Muslims doesn't mean their motives were clear.


Deborah said...

Every attack is heartbreaking, but it is especially so when the victims are children and elderly. Our deepest condolences to the Father's families.

The aiding and abetting crowd would still be holding onto "unknown motive", even if the terrorists wore their group's official t-shirts, held Qurans, and pledge allegiance on camera.

Kudos to President Hollande for acknowledging that France is at war with ISIS (terrorism).

Steve at the Pub said...

A few villagers practising Catholic religion.
The neighbors felt that the totally reasonable response to this was to murder him by hacking his head off.


HAL9000 said...

Martyrs all around. The two Muzzies are supposed to be martyrs because they were killed in the course of killing infidels in the jihad. The priest is a martyr because he was murdered for his belief in Christ. Which religion would you rather have around, the one that glorifies men for murdering people or the one that glorifies people for dying, not killing, for their faith?

I see reports that Erdogan's followers have been attacking Christians in Turkey since the coup. That makes Islamic sense. Angry about a coup tried by secular Muslims, you go attack Christians who had nothing to do with it because they are Christians. Like I've been saying for years, the only state in the Middle East where Christians can live and worship freely is the Jewish state. Ironies abound.