Friday, July 8, 2016

That's why they're called "underlings"

"Hillary Clinton blames State Department colleagues for classified secrets in emails".

Hillary's throne of skulls will make an interesting addition to the Oval Office.


Deborah said...

Must be some of the qualifications that set her apart as the most qualified woman for president.

rinardman said...

Deborah, are you referring to her ability to throw people under the bus, to cover her own sins? I would agree, she is unmatched in that 'qualification'.

RebeccaH said...

Of course she does. After all, she's often confused and needs others to do everything for her. She'll make a great president.

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

JeffS said...

Minions are always expendable.

Deborah said...

rinardman, that among so many other skills. She's the CEO of Fleet Services.

Mike_W said...

Will Hillary even make it to the election?
She looks really old and haggard.

American politics seems choc full of criminals, psychopaths and power-mad sociopaths...then there are all the just-plain-crazy socialists and commies.