Monday, August 8, 2016


Looks like Hillary's keeper is totin' a tranqulizer dart gun to calm her down.

Actor James woods identifies Hillary's principal demographic support.

Um, no, Joy Reid of MSNBC, I don't think "most people" are the dumb ones, here.

Woman attempts to hitchhike through Middle East in a gesture of peace. It does not end well, at all.

Tim Blair imagines the Australian census questions a decade hence.

Congratulations to Ginny Thrasher, the first American to win a gold medal at the 2016 Olympics. She won -Gasp!- the 10-meter air rifle event (a sad and ironic tribute to our bloody gun culture, thought every liberal everywhere).

The National Institutes of Health may not be able to find enough money to deal with the Zika virus, but thank God they were able to scrounge up enough dough to fund "anti-obesity rap songs for kids" and "research monitoring the eye movements of men to study how they look at women when they are drinking".

He may or may not be an a**hole, but he's definitely a dumbass.

So, what do you say to Senator Michelle Obama?


Veeshir said...

I'm pretty disappointed by the idea of M'Shell running for the Senate.

I thought for sure Obama would indict Hillary! to get her off the ticket so M'Shell could run for a third Obama term.

She would have won in a landslide and America would be more boned than if an asteroid the size of Texas hit us.

An extinction event in other words.

RebeccaH said...

I'm pretty sure Hillary has a seizure disorder stemming from her clot on the brain incident, and the Diazepam pen is meant to stop any politically inconvenient seizures in public. Just who we want for President. Who answers the 3 AM call? "I'm sorry, President Clinton is having a seizure at the moment. Can you call back?"

As for Michelle Obama, what are we looking at? Senator of New York, then a Big Cheese appointment, possibly Secretary of State or better yet Attorney General, and then a presidential bid? Yum.

RebeccaH said...

Aside from that, Bill having to live with Hillary again would make for some best-selling tell-all books.

bruce said...

Wow, the Clintons get more weird every day. I just can't see her reaching inauguration with such weird health. A neighbour with similar problems is in a nursing home.

bruce said...

Aus. Catherine Skinner, gold in women's trap. Her Daddy taught her to shoot when she was 12:'s-trap-at-rio/7699178

Zen: "I think Catherine was shooting them before she saw them today".

Paco said...

Bruce: Good on Catherine!