Friday, August 5, 2016

Hillary backer distinguishes himself

Fairfax mayor R. Scott Silverthorne has been arrested in a meth-for-sex sting operation.

He's a Democrat (of course; this is Occupied Northern Virginia, after all) and a member of Mayors for Hillary.

Update: R-man, in the comments - "Meth-heads for Hillary".


rinardman said...

...and a member of Mayors for Hillary.

Also a member of Meth-heads for Hillary. The only people who understand how Hilliary's mind works.

bruce said...

Good one R'man! I laughed, and then shuddered at the truth of it. Who needs Sopranos when you have Clintons?

bruce said...

I see your NBC had the Rio Olympic openeing ceremony on time delay with 5 min ad breaks. We got to watch it straight, and it was still the most boring ever. Compare the Russians in 2014 whose opening ceremony was something to treasure (even if I disagree with some of it).

Rio only picked up at the very end when the Samba and Bossa Nova music got going properly. They should have started with that. Oh and preaching "Climate change...Greenland is disappearing" in the middle of the ho humfest, and Zika bugs dancing? Bizarre.