Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trump unfit to be president?

Oh, I think we'd probably survive.


rinardman said...

I know it's an old joke, but...can you imagine how unhinged liberals would have been if George W. Bush had said the same thing about the community organizer-in-chief, back in 2008?

A sitting President injecting himself into the election campaign on behalf of his party's nominee? They would have been so outraged, they wouldn't have been able to form coherent sentences!

RebeccaH said...

I wish I could vote for that guy's dog, but in this election season I guess I'll have to vote for Trump. No way am I voting for Grandma Screechy McMafia moll.

Veeshir said...

You got it rinardman.

I'd say it's ever worse that he did it in Singapore.

He's traveling the world apologizing for America and telling them that the man who could be the next POTUS is unfit for PUTUSing.

Sigh. We'll be generations recovering from Obama.

Although it's sorta funny that the POTUS least competent at the job is saying that someone else is unfit.
That's like Andrea Mitchell saying that Hillary! Clinton lies too much.

bruce said...

I think they're all talking about playing the role of President in a West Wing type TV show. Or being a JFK wannabe. The fact is, the President serves the need of the nation. the need of the moment, and always did. Did anyone compare Lincoln to George Washington? Trump is similar to Ted Roosevelt anyway. He won me with his sharp perception of the Khans. He saw straight through to the core issue, that's impressive. No he didn't insult them, he saw something wasn't right, and he was right. A President who can spot scams is needed now.