Sunday, September 18, 2016

As usual, it's all about him

Obama sees the likelihood of decreasing black support for Hillary as a "personal insult".

Why? Blacks have fared particularly poorly during Obama's two terms, and there's absolutely nothing in Hillary's program that offers anything but more of the same. Besides, Barry's statement strikes me as overtly racist, just more of the melanin-├╝ber-alles shtick that Democrats have been peddling for decades.


Veeshir said...

He's just trying to further MLK's legacy.

You know, where people vote Dem because of the color of their skin.

RebeccaH said...

Oh dear. We've disappointed our Dear Leader once again. Shame on us. Whatever can we do?

I know. Vote Trump, and really give Obama the finger.

bruce said...

Yeah they want us to confuse MLK with the Panthers now, all melanin supremacists apparently. How sad.

Obama,being insecure about his own "blackness", needs to whip up overt shows of tribalism to reassure himself.