Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I guess the "High" in "UN High Commissioner for Human Rights" means "stoned"

"The United Nations' high commissioner for human rights blasted nationalist populists like Donald Trump and Nigel Farage for using 'tactics similar' to ISIS to frighten and reel in followers."

Oh, absolutely. Who can forget that ghastly video posted on YouTube - since taken down - of Nigel Farage decapitating a Muslim refugee by making a ring of perforations around his neck with a shrimp cocktail fork and then ripping his head off like a subscription card from a magazine.


bruce said...

Please throw the UN out of New York and make them pick up the bill. Let other countries fight over who gets to host them, it will keep them busy. Make a clean break with the Wilsonian era.

RebeccaH said...

I second Bruce's suggestion. It's high time we got rid of that gang of thieves and murderers.

bruce said...

I agree that most countries including Australia have been freeloading expecting the US to pick up the tab, as Trump indicated in his foreign policy speech. All this "anti-nuclear" posturing is a luxury at US expense. We all need to grow up and take some responsibility for our own defence, and decide whose side we're on. All the childish hysteria over nuclear, which are just powerful bombs and increasingly accurate and specific, had obscured the need to back up words with force, and for allies to carry part of the load. (Are we allies or parasites?)

Veeshir said...

I've been saying for years that we should move the UN to Haiti but now I'm leaning more toward Raqqa.

bruce, Australia is our best ally, they've been in every war we've been in for a century.
Look what you did in East Timor, that was nice.

Australia was also a great ally of the UK until they treated you like crap in WWII what with your disposable soldiers.
Like when Churchill kept whining at the Ausssies to send to send two of their last divisions to Rangoon in a move that was sure to lose them.

Deborah said...

Speaking at the Peace, Justice and Security Foundation gala in The Hague...

Why wasn't the gala held in, say, Iraq or Syria?

bruce said...

Thanks Veeshir. But now I think you guys have insulted our manhood, Tim Blair was asked for ID to buy a bottle of wine in Dallas, hes 51:

Guess his indoor occupation gives him baby fingers and face. And the perpetual smirk.

Veeshir said...

bruce, rules is rules.

I get ID'd for smokes and booze some places all the time and I'm older than he is.
NY state is notorious for that. I guess Dallas is too.

I do not like his new blog look.
I don't like having to click on each post to read it, I just want to scroll.

I've pretty much stopped going to his site.

Minicapt said...

Tim Blair does not have a new blog look; the "Daily Telegraph" has a new blog look. And the blog look appears to have resulted from the artistic sensibility of highly skilled web programmers. The chap responsible for maintaining Tim's web-corner is having his masculinity challenged ...