Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My new favorite restaurant

And I've never even been there: "Cafe owner sparks social media firestorm after demanding gluten-free diners provide doctor's note".

H/T: Captain Heinrichs


JeffS said...

Delivery isn't an option, unless FedEx will ship the food.

Deborah said...

The owner misunderstands. Following a gluten-free diet isn't necessarily doctor recommended. It may be a choice like deciding to be vegetarian or vegan.

RebeccaH said...

I'm a fan of White Moose Cafe on Facebook, have been for a while. The proprietor's postings are pretty funny, occasionally outrageous, and he's made his little restaurant (apparently attached to a hotel in Dublin) world famous by insulting breastfeeding mothers, vegans (he keeps post labeled "Ashes of Vegans" in the restaurant), the gluten obsessors, Brazilians, certain froofroo coffee drinkers, and just about everybody else.

RebeccaH said...

"pots" not "posts".

Veeshir said...

Paco, I know you live in VA, and this is only tangentially related but...

If you like good restaurants, go to 23rd Street in Crystal City.

I used to work near there and they always have some awesome restaurants. They come and go, but there's always some awesome stuff.
They used to have an Ethiopian and an Eritrean restaurant across the street (they didn't throw rocks at each other after the lunch rush, I asked)
The Eritrean was better food and hotter waitresses.

There's usually a few kabob places, Pakistani, Afghani (Kabul and Kandahar), and more.

There is also the best Indian restaurant I've ever tried, it's around the corner on, I think, S. Eads. I asked an Indian cabdriver where he ate and he told me there.
They have a buffet and you can stuff yourself and not be burping it up for days as with most Indian restaurants.

The only restaurants that I didn't like were the Thai, everything was coconut milk curry, blech, and the Italian.
But then, my family is Italian so I like very few, non-Little Italy/North End Boston Italian restaurants.

If you already knew, sorry. I just loved the DC area for the good eats.