Thursday, October 27, 2016

Confused and frustrated by this year's wild political scene?

Kurt Schlichter has the (hilarious) wisdom you need.


bruce said...

"I was there in West Germany with VII Corps rolling out to our assembly area on freezing o-dark thirty morning alerts to practice our mission of dying in place while holding back the red hordes..."

Honorable service, under leaders who, at least back then, had a clear purpose and a meaningful goal. Now I'm not sure what NATO's purpose is, and it clearly no longer has a goal. Since Obama has committed the US to defending the independence of Latvia etc, the Debates should have been about that!

Veeshir said...

the Debates should have been about that!

But that might help trump.

Our fine betters have to keep the 'conversation' on everything but how screwed up the world and the country is right now.

The funniest is Hillary!'s ad in AZ that says that Trump will likely start a nuclear war.

You know, like the one that's brewing in eastern Europe.