Thursday, October 6, 2016

Right hand man turns out to be more of a left hand man

Secretary of Defense Ashe Carter's top military aide was quite the playah on the taxpayer's dime.
Maj. Gen. Ronald F. Lewis, U.S. Army, was abruptly fired from his position as special assistant to the secretary of defense last November. An investigation by the Pentagon’s inspector general now confirms allegations against Lewis, including a visit to an off-limits club on “Hooker Hill” in Seoul, South Korea, charging taxpayers for $400 bottles of champagne at a strip club in Rome, and making unwanted advances to female subordinates.

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bruce said...

Yeah it sounds bad. Then again if he went slumming there would have been a greater security risk. It must be hard for someone in his position to R & R discreetly. $400 champagne is kind of appropriate to the dignity of his position. If he was in Napoleon's army it all would have been seen as pretty honourable and proper!