Thursday, October 27, 2016

There goes the neighborhood

Mrs. Paco acquired an interesting new neighbor at the hospital where she is recovering from surgery.

I walked out of her room this morning to go get some coffee, and happened to glance in the room next to hers. There was a scruffy looking patient wolfing down his breakfast, and a security guard sitting in a chair in the doorway watching him. On my way back, I noticed a couple of Deputy U.S. Marshals hanging around outside of the same guy's room. All I know for sure is that the patient is not a member of the DNC or one of Hillary's PACs; otherwise, John Law wouldn't be anywhere in sight.


Veeshir said...

Are you sure they weren't there for you?
Sitting near where you're going to go is a good way to surveil.

Have you noticed a pizza delivery car or a cable installation van sitting near your house for days on end?

The NOAA might have found you.

bruce said...

Yeah, sounds like the scruffy guy swung a holiday from jail, at hospital. Not nice for Mrs Paco to have to share space with.

Paco said...

Veeshir: I always turn my head away and walk fast in these situations because it's always possible that some law enforcement entity may have paper out on, er, somebody who looks like me.