Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Quote of the week from Ed Driscoll

And it's only Tuesday! "[W]hen you’re the Democrats, you go to war against the American people with the candidate you have".

Update: Longer quote of the week, from Mark Steyn:
Hillary got rich, Bill got laid, republican virtue got screwed. Like the sickly leaders of late-Soviet politburos, both appear older and feebler than their years: once the star performer of the double-act, Bill staggers around like the Blowjob of Dorian Grey; the life has all but literally been sucked out of him. His straight-woman, once the reliably stolid, stone-faced Margaret Dumont of his cigar-waggling routine, now has to be propped up on street bollards and fed lines by her medical staff. When she shuts down and she's out cold, who's driving the pantsuit? Huma? Cheryl? Podesta? Bill and Hillary have been consumed by their urges. America would be electing the Walking Dead, insatiable and fatal to the touch, but utterly hollow.

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RebeccaH said...

Why do I feel like America is back to crouching on Bunker Hill?