Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday funnies

Oklahoma traffic reporter offers helpful information for people fleeing to Canada.

You can push Santa a little, but he has his limits.

(H/T to friend and commenter Mike W for both of the above videos)

One of the earliest real estate scams: Greenland.


President-elect Trump (ooooo, how I love typing that!) has met with retired Marine General James Mattis, which is reportedly creating some anxiety in the Secret Service.


JeffS said...

While I'm sure that General Mattis could kill anyone he wants to, I am forced to point out that you linked the Duffel Blog, a well known (and much loved) satire blog focusing on the military.

Just in case anyone might be wondering, you understand.

Paco said...

Jeff: I hope everyone knows that it's satire (and marvelous satire it is!) Although any liberal reading that would probably be howling for a safe space, and maybe a comfort dog.

RebeccaH said...

I loved that.

Mike_W said...

Now, you too can order a "Trump" coffee at Starbucks. :)

HAL9000 said...

If a progressive had followed that link about General Mattis, it might have given him hope for change.

Interesting to think that this year, Trump was the candidate of hope and change. Of course, he was no more specific than Obama was, but the Dems can hardly complain about that, now can they?

Your system is still forcing me to prove I'm not a robot. Good thing my programmer is genius.

Spiny Norman said...

Erik the Red naming it "Greenland" really was a ploy to get Icelanders to join him in creating a new Norse colony, but in the 11th century (during the Medieval Warm Period), the south coast of Greenland was warmer and more hospitable than it is today (in our "man-made climate catastrophe!"). Calling it "barren" is a bit of an exaggeration. The Norse colony there lasted for more than 400 years, primarily raising sheep and cattle, until the Inuit moved south to escape truly inhospitable cold at the beginning of the Little Ice Age, and killed off the last of the Europeans.