Monday, November 7, 2016

Vote like the existence of republican government depends on it

Because it does.

I recommend readers to this eloquent post by Veeshir, which exactly matches my own views on the mounting threats to our liberty posed by the Leviathan State, and the necessity of voting down the Clinton criminal syndicate. He also provides valuable historical context; this section of his post, particularly, coincides with my own observations:
Looking back, the 2012 reelection of Obama was different in a momentous way. I would argue that the failure of the American people to reject Obama after seeing his manner of governance may go down in the history books as the beginning of the end [Amen! - Paco]. By the end of his first term, Obama had blown the better part of a trillion dollars on a “stimulus” program that hindered rather than helped, he had retroactively lost the hard-won war in Iraq giving rise to ISIS, and he put about a fifth of the economy into a fascistic program that was designed to fail and is in fact failing spectacularly right now, causing both financial and personal medical turmoil across the land. He got nearly every foreign policy decision wrong, alienated allies particularly the UK and Israel, bent over for the Russians and Iranians, and mucked up Honduras. Despite all this and quite a bit more, the American voters re-elected the bastard.
Read the whole thing.

Update: Veeshir points out that the author of that post is a co-blogger, sockless joe.


Veeshir said...

That's sockless joe not me. Thanks though.

There are probably 8 or more cobloggers there, most stopped posting a long time ago but maybe they'll start back up again now that the blog is not dead.

bruce said...


Oh, co-bloggers, yes I get mixed up too when I read blogs which are co-written.

Gregoryno6 said...

Paco, you might recall that a couple of years ago you tabbed Killary as a serious contender for '16. You said that name recognition value might itself be enough to give her the Oval Office. As it turns out I would say the name of Clinton has been a burden rather than a boost. High point WTF-wise of this campaign was Bill saying he felt sorry for Mrs Trump - because she was... wait for it... married to a man who abused women.
It's like Hitler saying 'I feel sorry for the British people, because Winston Churchill is anti-Semitic.' Great work there, Bill. You really did a lot for your wife's cred with that comment.
The best part, conversely, was the 'Thanks Famous Actors' clip. Ordinary Americans told the overpaid and underbrained of Hollywood to stick to the day job.
You really don't want Hillary Clinton for CIC. She's Julia Gillard with an accent. The same poisonous blend of arrogance and incompetence runs through their veins.
Maybe it takes an opponent like Hillary to make Donald Trump look like a good choice for President, but so be it.
The day is upon you, America.
Vote Trump.

Paco said...

Gregory: Oh, I'll be voting for Trump, alright. I wouldn't vote for Clinton with a gyn to my head.

rinardman said...

I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about this. I'm afraid the 2nd term of Obo the Clown may have moved the bridge, making this election 'a bridge too far' for any hope of reversing course. I know for sure, if the liar wins, it's all over but the shooting.

BTW, Paco, is 'gyn to my head' a typo, or a sly reference to the coming gynecocracy?

Gregoryno6 said...

I figured that 'gyn' meant 'gin'... I mean, you'd have to be drunk as a skunk...

bruce said...

Oh, we've all got loaded gyns pointing at our heads, oh yeah, story of my life.

Not this kind of Gin either:

Deborah said...

We did our civic duty. Our county allows residents to vote anywhere in the county. The poll workers at the little historic church in Quihi (pronounced kwee-hee) were glad to see us. Hopefully more people braved the rain later on. I was forced to use the machine because there were no paper ballots. Don't know what they'd do if the machines went down. Luckily. these weren't Soros machines. In addition to not having paper ballots they didn't have the little "I voted" stickers. Being a sentimental type, I really wanted one to mark this historic day; our first presidential election in Texas. (Sigh)

Then we went to see "Doctor Strange" rather than continuing to raise our blood pressure. The theater serves food and drink during the movie, but we restrained ourselves; Richard had a beer, and I, being the driver, had tea.

Hopefully there were enough people who made the right choice.

bruce said...

People in Sydney are crying to see Hillary losing, as you can see on Daily Mail. So they aren't expecting to be dragged off to the prison camps just yet it seems. It's all just boutique posturing for them, so sick of these political fashionistas. Brainwashed cultists at best.

It was great see the Amish coming out to support Trump. The whole thing has been great. Best wishes to all American friends for a smooth and successful outcome and a return to "the US being a normal country again" as someone said.

bruce said...

Time to raid the Sumerian mead cupboard. And the humidore.

Gregoryno6 said...

Bruce, when Howard won the election in 2000 some young woman around Perth said she wanted to set herself on fire. And she meant it too... just like all those Hollyweirds who will be flocking to the airports soon. Yeah, right.
We followed it at work, where I seemed to be the only one happy at Trumps win. I had a discussion with two others...
'If Trump wins he'll make himself rich for the rest of his life!'
'Uh, Hillary's not exactly poor, you know...'
'Oh, that's true.'
'Did you know that Julia Gillard dropped about three hundred million dollars into Hillary's dodgy charity?'
'Wha - no, really?'
Also I heard a few times that 'Trump is awful'. As opposed to Hillary, who is merely incompetent, vicious, arrogant, and downright corrupt. I wondered if people really believed this nonsense, and really were badly informed, or if they were just saying what they thought was the safe thing to say.

bruce said...

Gregory, remember how obsessed our commentariat were with the show West Wing? Such that Kevin Rudd was supposed to be our "West Wing Prime Minister"?

And now they have lost their magic queen, boo hoo. Collectively, a lot of them act like teenage schoolgirls. The shaming mean-girls politics of the schoolyard has infected our civic life, as opposed to the macho male culture it was supposed to uplift and replace. Maybe us "old white men" weren't so bad after all, compared with what is replacing us?

"They should all be forced to have an IQ test" says Trioli. Why? So the untermensche can be culled? Does she even think about what she's saying?

I have a set of old Graham Kennedy videos from the 1960s. No one would have expressed such snobbery back then as is common now on TV. We have regressed.

Gregoryno6 said...

GK would be 18C'd out of the business today!