Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday funnies

Hillary's farewell to her rich donors (thanks to friend and commenter Mike_W for capturing the moment).

Ugly Christmas sweaters? We got 'em!

If you're going to plan a robbery, you really need to avoid pocket-dialing 911.

Hey, I love getting homemade gifts from grandma...


bruce said...

"Mr De Mille, I'm ready..." ok had to restrain myself or spat my coffee on the screen laughing at that comparison. It's hilarious but also the release of the tension of anticipating the worst makes the need to laugh all the more hysterical. Sorry Lady Gaga, we're all PTSD.

rinardman said...

Or, you could go with this clip which I call 'I am big, it's the Democrat party that got small!'

And I think that's Harambe that she want to bury.