Tuesday, January 3, 2017

One of my favorite carry pistols

I like the Ruger LC9s and the LC9s Pro, (the latter lacks a thumb safety and a magazine disconnect safety). A great little striker-fired pocket pistol that is light, easy to shoot and accurate. This is a gun I carry for basic self-defense.

On the other hand, when I want to be absolutely sure of blowing an assailant's head clean off, I carry a Ruger Redhawk chambered in .41 Magnum, demonstrated here by Jeff Quinn (who is not only a knowledgeable gun guy, but he also has a truly cool beard).

For those interested in the .41 Magnum round, here's the entertaining Hickok45 blasting away with a S&W Model 57.


JeffS said...

Looks like a nice pistol --- a lot of people don't appreciate the simplicity and fire power contained in a revolver. I prefer the .357 myself, but the .41 does have its advantages.

Jonah said...

I would love to own a gun or several but when confronted with government forms and checks I can't seem to pull the trigger (as it were) and I don't want to buy anything stolen and this "compliance"
that NRA members follow so reliogiously makes me sick and I'm not good at making friends who can help me out means that I'm screwed as far as gun ownership. And I can't spell reliogiously.

Jonah said...

And I'm 56 and have never had handcuffs on in my life but when I go into an "FFS" place and am told everything I'm told I walk the hell out. Let the smirking begin.

bruce said...

You sound very Australian Jonah. Just say to yourself, "She'll be right mate", that's the mantra. Here's hoping our luck holds out.

There's an old shooting range in the bush outside our town, abandoned since the 1930s. Everyone used to shoot, there was a local militia which trained, and a regional shooting competition with an annual prize. By the time they took the guns away 20 years ago most in towns had given up the sport anyway. But see, Native Americans used rifles, while our aborigines never learned to shoot and thought their traditional weapons were better. So settlers only needed guns against wild dogs which attack sheep. Maybe that explains the difference.