Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Silk purse, etc.: "Fabricating Chelsea Clinton".

Hilarious map of "trigger" items in Europe, broken down by country, over at DoublePlusUndead (at the end of the post, but, by all means, check out the rest of his stuff as you scroll down, as Veeshir has a knack for enlightening while amusing).

The NRA riffs on the New York Times' latest display of cluelessness.

Why hasn't this radical Muslim harpy been deported? Looks like a pretty big vetting failure, to me. Yeah, I know, I know: "B...b...but Jesus was a refugee". Well, this woman ain't Jesus, and besides...

Sweet robot.

I knew it!


Veeshir said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words. People usually just call me an a-hole.

Jesus wasn't a refugee, their hotel reservation let them down. That was before Travelocity I think.

I love that The Russians Did It is becoming an Internet meme.

That was a particularly stupid accusation, considering that even if you blame wikileaks on Russia, all they did was the job our media didn't and expose Dem felonious behavior... behaviour.

Don't want to trigger any Aussies with the wrong spelling.

bruce said...

Hey Veesh, you're a good guy and very perceptive.

We're still trying to cope downunder with Hope and Crosby going to 'Bally' from Mell Borne (Melbourne, prounced here Melbun) so not likely to be any more triggered than usual.

What makes this outbreak of Russia paranoia all the more amusing is these are the same people who complained about 'paranoid style in politics' in the 60s when it was justified. They have more twists than Nureyev.

So true, Heaven has heavy vetting.

rinardman said...

I just have one question about Chelsea Clinton.


RebeccaH said...

I kind of like the idea of Odeh and her army of harpies blocking roads and bridges, since now lawmakers are moving to protect motorists who have to run over people to get away from the violence.

Veeshir said...

rman, cuz there's just not enough funny in the world, that's why Chelsea Clinton.

I mean, Joe Biden can only stay in politics for so long.

rinardman said...

You know what would be really funny: Biden/Clinton 2020

I can just hear Billy Jeff telling slow Joe to keep his hands off his daughter.