Thursday, March 2, 2017

Oh, how nice

Barry's surrogate mom, Valerie Jarrett, is moving into the Obama's DC mansion, the better to cook up their treasonous plots against America, no doubt.

Honestly, I'm beginning to think that, for the good of the Republic, ex-Presidents and their senior advisers probably ought to be confined to an island somewhere, completely off the grid. Food and other essentials can be sent in once every couple of months via some island-hopping, rusty old steamer, and if they get sick they can be airlifted to a hospital, where they would be maintained in strict quarantine for the duration of their treatment. When somebody dies, one of the island retainers can sew the person's body up in a canvas sack with a cannon ball, and row out beyond the reef in order to commit the mortal remains to the deep.


rinardman said...

Yeah, he & Moochele need to work on writing their $60m books. A barren, deserted island would be a good place for that.

However, I hear France wants him to be their president. That would be almost as good as sending them to a barren, deserted island.

Veeshir said...

I wonder who wears the pants in that household.
Valerie is tough but my money's on M'Shell.

Deborah said...

This just in: Valerie isn't moving in to Obama's DC digs. It was a faker. It's hard to spot the fakes because they sound plausible.

bruce said...

Well, who needs The Onion anymore when we have a stream of fake news to keep us entertained?

And every 'news' service in the world is reporting the latest anti-Trump non-story.

The only thing worries me about Mr Trump is his diet, no veges at all, except potato chips? Only overcooked over-processed red meats? Compare that to Nixon's last Presidential meal of cottage cheese and pineapple:

Veeshir said...

bruce, he's fron the greater NY/NJ metropolitan region, grease is a food group and if you're craving a salad you have onions and peppers on your pepperoni pizza.