Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Now that the nation's leading gun salesman is no longer in the White House, firearms companies are hurting.

Man, if I had only had my wits about me. I should have bought stock in S&W and Ruger back in November of 2008, and shorted it as soon as I found out that Hillary's presidential run had gone off the rails and crashed into Failure Gorge.


rinardman said...

I've been considering picking up a 9MM for a year or so, just trying to decide what, and for how much. As the election approached, I thought "I'd better get it before 'she' is elected", but didn't get it done. Now I've noticed some significant price drops already, and figure there's more to come, so guess I'll wait a bit longer and spend the savings on ammo.

Paco said...

There are some good bargains out there. You looking for a 1911 platform or striker-fired or something else? I've got a Ruger SR95 compact and a Ruger LC9s pro. I like the former for the high-capacity (comes with one 10-rd magazine and one 17-rd, with grip-extender), and the latter for concealability (fits easily in a pocket). Because they're both striker-fired, recoil's not bad at all.

bruce said...

After 8 years of Obama and RINOs, descent into Hilla-Hell seemed inevitable back then.

rinardman said...

I dunno yet, Paco. I'd prefer American made, and one of the Ruger models will most likely be the one, just not sure which one. I've got a couple friends who are more pistol guys than I am, so I'll probably seek their opinions before I decide. Wish I still had the Browning HP I had 30 years ago.

JeffS said...

I picked up a P226 and a Big Henry lever action rifle in .357. Decent prices, too!

Question: back when Obama was elected in 2008, I bought an AR15. and called it my Obama-gun. Should I tag one of my new acquisitions my Trump-gun? If so, which?

Veeshir said...

I love Sigs. They're relatively cheap and very smooth and reliable.
My favorite is a SigPro 2340. They don't make it anymore but they do make the 2022 which I think is similar for less than $600 new.
Rent some at a range to see what you like.
Oh, as reqired by law, 9mm SUCKS GET A MAN"S GUN IN .45 ACP!!!!!!!!!!!

Paco said...

Caliber fight! Caliber fight!

Jeff: I think I mentioned not long ago that I bought a Henry rifle (Big Boy Steel) in .41 Magnum. Henry's now come out with a .41 Magnum carbine (16.5 inch barrel, with a rounded lever). I'm thinking of buying that one, too - in case I ever find myself walking down the street and having to fire fast from the hip, like this guy.

rinardman said...

Not much of a fight, when only one side punches.

I don't even have to follow that link, to know it's the Rifleman. I want to see the video of you doing that when you get your Henry. :)

JeffS said...

Yes, you did, Paco. I forgot. I haven't fired the Henry as yet, but I did test the P226. Nice! The carbine version sounds interesting. Hmmmmm!

Veeshir, I prefer .40S&W or .45 myself. Ammo improvements have made the 9mm more competitive with larger calibers, but I believe bigger is better when it comes to bullets and bad guys.

Why the .357, then? 'Cuz it's a bad a$$ round.

Paco said...

R-man: Just check YouTube under "Epic Fail, Lever-Action Rifle".

Jeff: The .357 Magnum has always been, and always will be, bad a$$!