Sunday, April 30, 2017

Floral legacy

A dear friend died last year after a two-year struggle with brain cancer. She gave Mrs. Paco a peony a while back, and it didn't bloom the first couple of years, but this spring it came on strong.

So, Debbie, if you're watching over us, behold your red peony! And thanks again for your friendship and your many kindnesses. Rest in peace.


Deborah said...

God rest your friend, Paco. The peony is gorgeous. Perhaps the non-blooming years was a period of mourning.

RebeccaH said...

It's lovely.

bruce said...

My neighbours are both buried in the town cemetery at the end of my street. Good Christian people they lived a long life and helped us a lot when they were about 80 yrs old and we first moved in.

So Shirley (who'd been a nurse) gave us an unusual Hydrangea which I put in the yard and forgot. The year after she died it flowered first time. So I think I know just what you mean Paco.