Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Now, I want to be fair, so, full disclosure: I've never attended a service at the Little River United Church of Christ. I'm willing to entertain at least the possibility that, every now and again, the pastor issues a thunderous denunciation of the genocide being carried out by Muslims against Christians in the Middle East and Nigeria. But the message the church is sending out to the public via this sign suggests the kind of bend-over-backwards, social justice, leftist sensibility that characterizes the watered-down Christian organization in which Christ is viewed as little more than Chairman, emeritus, and his gospel has been updated to reflect the latest trends in progressive thought.

I'm not aware of any instances of anti-Muslim bigotry in the area, but I did notice that the sign outside of a local Jewish community center - not even a quarter mile down the road from this church - had been spray-painted with a vicious anti-Semitic comment. I'll keep a lookout for the UC of C's sign condemning this example of real (as opposed to hypothetical) bigotry.

Might be a while.


Veeshir said...

It's funny how the Backlash Against The Muslims always seems to hit the Jews.

Just not 'ha-ha' funny.

My robot question had a 'street sign' that directed one to Leavenworth.

Even the robots are out to get me!

rinardman said...

I'm not aware of any instances of anti-Muslim bigotry in the area...

If there were, there's good chance it was some muslim's false flag operation.

RebeccaH said...

The Universalist Church in a nearby town plastered a giant "Black Lives Matter" sign on the front just as soon as the riots and cop killings started. It's a true test of my strength that I do not hurl paint cans or incendiaries at it every time I have to drive past.

bruce said...

22,000 Pounds of MOAB anti-Muslim bigotry just hit its target, and I say, ''s not enough'.

I feel sorry for the people trying to maintain that Jewish community centre, but these days they are often targeted by Muslims and their sympathisers who blame Israel for everything.