Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Feet Friday

Mildred Jorman - who recorded under the name Little Miss Cornshucks - had a beautiful, velvety voice, which she put to good use in this performance of Papa Treetop Blues.


bruce said...

Miss Cornshucks (cute): most of the marginalised urban folks, white and black, used to be agricultural workers and farmers until they migrated to the cities. Same thing happening in much of the world.

My wife started out as a Miss Cornshucks, it was a hard but fulfilling life. Children worked very hard too though. She escaped as soon as she could. Now she misses it.

Jonah said...

Lovely voice.

Mildred, there's a name no tranny will ever choose for itself.

You might like Beth Hart and her tune "Jazz Man."

Paco said...

Jonah: thanks for the music tip.