Monday, June 5, 2017

More rowdy hijinks from those whimsical Allah-botherers

ISIS jihadists attack a Catholic church in the Philippines, and a Muslim (possibly not ISIS, but does it really matter any more?) attacks a priest at a wedding ceremony in Spain (Update: And let's not overlook Australia - H/T to friend and commenter Bruce, in the comments).

Meanwhile, some Brits continue to believe that high-minded verbiage will save the day.


bruce said...

Another Ramadan killing in Australia being 'treated as terror':

Chatted to 2 young police yesterday. They were itching to kill some terrorists, and they're expecting to get a chance soon. They gave a talk at the local Uni, some lady academic asked how they shoot, to wound? Off with the fairies they said. Aim for centre of body mass. 'If I take out this gun it's to kill'. Different protocols to your guys maybe, they carry tasers and stuff too. Mind you then he told me he had his gun out a few times and no mention of shooting. Young cops talk too much!

Paco said...

I think center-mass is the rule for cops in the U.S., as well. Shooting someone in the arm or leg doesn't necessarily (or even usually) immediately disable a shooter.

I hope they bag some, I really do.

JeffS said...

Most US cops carry lethal (i.e., firearms) and non-lethal weapons (e.g., Tasers). Some idiots are trying to implement the use of non-lethal ammunition as the primary load for cops, of course. Thus far a small number of agencies have done so, and the majority use Taser in limited conditions. The general rule, "Aim for the center of mass"; some advocate double tapping.

However, the REAL disarming of cops comes from the politicians who support "Black Lives (don't) Matter", and prosecute regardless of the circumstances. This is helped not at all by rogue cops who are trigger happy and/or horribly under trained.

Mike_W said...

Damn our politicians for bringing the curse of islam into our communities.
I despise our leaders, generally.
May they all suffer personally at the hands of the mohammedan demons.

bruce said...

The cop gave me the impression that his gun was like a Nepalese Kukri which has to draw blood if drawn!

But I think he oversimplified, because then he said he had the gun out a lot in our town. Anyway it's cool to know they oversimplify on the badass side rather than the PC side!

rinardman said...

Makes a guy long for the old 'separate, but equal' idea, on a world wide scale. Non-muslims in their part of the world, and muslims in their own separate but equal part of the world.

Actually, the 'equal' part would be up to them.

RebeccaH said...

Actually, according to what my dad told me, the cop rule is "never point your gun at someone unless you intend to shoot them."

Paco said...

That's also true.

bruce said...

That's a good way of expressing it RebeccaH. Maybe that's what my cop meant.

Meanwhile, the problem out here is a lack of accuracy when needed (in the US you practice a lot so may be less likely to fumble like this):

'The London Met police are bragging about their “8 minutes to respond and kill” in the last incident. What they aren’t bragging about is that it took them 50 bloody rounds to take down 3 guys and in the process they shot at least one civilian in the head. For well trained tactical shooters that’s about 40 rounds too many and those guys are supposed to be the best of the London cops.' (online comment on a Forum).

At our Lindt Cafe seige one hostage death was due to cop fire too. Somewhere they will be furiously practicing to overcome that, but practice and reality always diverge.