Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Australian hero

Tim Blair reports on Andrew "Lightning" Bolt and his pummeling of an antifa attacker.


rinardman said...

I kinda hope there's a rematch.

bruce said...

Bolt is a very good guy. He replies thoughtfully to emails.

Dutch origin and I think that's a factor, in fact as a kid growing up here he was taunted as a non-British migrant 'wog' with stinky food. And he grew up in country towns with aboriginal reservations with lots of social problems, where I think his father was schoolteacher.

These city kids think they can scare him? In my old school the 'wogs' and the 'skips' fought brawls like that almost every day, it's sad to think about it now, as we ended up marrying each other's sisters!

rinardman said...

The Fat Cameraman's video has been released (update on Tim's blog), and after watching it, I'd say the antifairies should send a 'thank you' note to the guy who came in and broke up the fight.

Andrew was just getting warmed up.

Paco said...

Bruce: Interesting context.

Mike_W said...

Go Andrew!
We have a new MMA contender.