Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Trump should be impeached

Why? Well, just because.


bruce said...

My daughter just went through Hollywood and now she's off to Vegas.

Her first time in the USA. So you guys turn on a heat wave. I dunno, where's Al Gore when you need him? Anyway I'm sure your heat waves are like normal summer for us.

Mike_W said...

I think President Trump is peachy.
Seriously, I don't know how he can get anything done when every second bureaucrat is either a GOP or Democrat plant working to bring him down.
I just wish he'd laugh off all the spurious allegations and get on with draining the swamp.
His enemies are playing offense in the hope of keeping President Trump on the defensive so that their own crimes will not be uncovered, imo.

RebeccaH said...

Is it any wonder that Americans don't have faith in their government anymore? It's nothing but a grab bag of loonies, liars, thieves, and miscreants of all stripes.