Friday, July 28, 2017


Veeshir isn't interested in Hillary's new book, What Happened; he's going to wait for this one.

John McCain rides in at the last moment like the U.S. Cavalry, only to help the Apaches massacre the settlers.

McCain further burnishes his GOP bona fides by attracting the praise of Chuck Schumer (who says that McCain is as "great" as Ted Kennedy - and I don't know what's more obscene: that Schumer genuinely considers this as high praise, or that McCain will).

Perhaps nothing could have saved little Charlie Gard; but the manner of his passing - i.e., being held hostage by an officious and impersonal bureaucracy - is a disgrace.

Elsewhere in Merrie England, a Saudi businessman is cleared of a rape charge, claiming he "accidentally tripped and penetrated" a teenage girl while she was sleeping on a couch.

Kimber's going big into revolvers now. Beautiful guns, and of high quality, but kind of eye-poppingly expensive.


Veeshir said...

Thanks for the link!
Doug M has a p-shop deal on Hillary's book that's pretty good. He actually uses Photoshop instead of Paint!

I have to admit don't like the looks of those Kimbers, the KS6 looks like a Chiappa Rhino to me. I like slimmer guns, I don't like the Magnum Research .500 S&W mag revolvers either but I love my S&W .500.
As I've said in relation to Colts, I don't see them being worth twice a S&W, the trigger on a S&W is awesome and the quality is there.
I'm not going to argue with someone who likes them, it's just a personal choice and I'd rather spend that kind of money on something odd. I love getting a new caliber.

Wildey is open for business again!
But now they're $2,500, they were $1,500 when last they made their pistols. Used ones were going for about $1,500-$2,000, I wonder if they'll go up.
I talked to the guys back then, they said they got a bump in sales whenever Death Wish III was on tv. I bet they still see that bum;.

Paco said...

I wasn't familiar with the Wildey until you brought my attention to it. Very cool.

JeffS said...

The Wildey's look cool, but whoa!, big.

bruce said...

"A TERRORIST plot to bring down a domestic flight with a bomb was at the centre of a series of raids across ­Sydney yesterday targeting an alleged Islamic extremist cell."

One of Tim Blair's favourite eateries was also involved, perhaps a suspect lived in the building as the focus of the raids in Redfern is a few blocks away:

The police seem to have this in hand.

bruce said...

Sorry, the 2nd link should be:

Veeshir said...

I thought that was a fake movie gun but my friend told me it was for real, I had to have one.

I wouldn't use it for urban combat but I'm not as cool as Charles Bronson.