Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Is the world insane?

Veeshir says "yes", and I see no reason to disagree.


bruce said...

Totalitarian logic: they want us to submit to 'authorities', who ultimately know better than even parents.

It's a primal instinct, the tribal chief and his favourites, droit de seignuer...even animals have herd social systems like that. Technology is making us revert. Brave New World.

RebeccaH said...

I want to comment on Veeshir's site, but Wordpress does not like me.

As for the world, I think it went off the rails a long time ago.

Veeshir said...

What is wordpress doing to you?
I comment using my phone, it gives me a hard time if I use my hotmail account as that's associated with a wordpress account so I just use my gmail account and it works fine.

Wordpress probably recognizes the email from some other deal and doesn't like impostors.

I just posted a comment using the email slslsls@hotmail.com and 'jack' as the name and it worked fine.
Nobody cares about the email addy so far as I know, and I don't use it to contact anybody. I'm creepy but not that type of creepy.

It's not actually my site, I'm just the only coblogger still posting.

The world has been getting crazier for a long time but it's accelerated lately. They're losing elections so they need to viciously attack the rest of us for being too stupid to understand how we're supposed to vote.
Since we haven't listened to their browbeating there's only one thing to do, browbeat us even harder!