Sunday, August 6, 2017

The times they are a-changin'

For as far back as I can remember (and farther back than that), progressives - not all of them, but an ominous majority - have been enamored, either openly or secretly, with Russian strong men. Now, they're going all better-dead-than-red on us. Once again, Trump's impact on the leftist psyche is like the effect of an electromagnetic pulse on a power grid.

See? I was just a progressive who was ahead of the curve."


Mike_W said...

It's also possible that the Deep-state(GOP and Dems) conspired with Russia to destroy Flynn, thereby making way for McMaster. They have an apparently shared interest in not allowing Trump to MAGA.

bruce said...

Good point Paco.

Holding My Nose said...

IMHO the Progressives were enamored of Russian strong men who were Communists. I don';r recall they they were particularly fond of Yeltsin who stared down a military communist coup.