Thursday, October 12, 2017

Blog forward

Update and bumped: The left's long march through the institutions appears to have tainted West Point, of all places.

That's right; offline again for a few days. So here's a combination of news items, Sunday funnies, and music.

That's not a Super Soaker; that's a Super Soaker. Also, the world's largest Nerf gun (H/T to Mrs. Paco for both)...

Here's Kid King and his combo with Skip's Boogie:

The lovely Dorothy Dandridge (who seems to have gotten more beautiful as she grew older) sings "My Heart Belongs to Daddy".

Whatever else he is, Harvey Weinstein must be one hell of a negotiator: "Contract with TWC ALLOWED FOR SEXUAL HARASSMENT". Remarkable. And the rot runs very deep.

Rule number one in conducting an armed robbery: don't put the gun down while you're scooping up the cash.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you people complete success.


bruce said...

Thanks. You look after us so well, you deserve a break sometimes.

Paco said...

Thank you, Bruce. It's a working break; Mrs. Paco and I are scouring the coastal regions of Virginia and North Carolina looking for a retirement home (may take a gander out west, later in the year). I'm retiring in Feb. of 2018. Then maybe I can return to my true life's work: writing Detective Paco stories.

ConquerorofAllFoesCheese said...

I look forward to the Detective Paco stories to come. Have fun.

Deborah said...

You're a short timer! Congratulations! But, as you know, there are those with daggers and rug pullers about whose target is short timer. I saw this in the military.

Paco, consider the Texas Hill Country. Beautiful and mostly affordable. Some places, like New Braunfels, and Boerne are growing too rapidly and more upscale, but there are plenty of small towns close by.

Deborah said...

Maggie's childhood will get even better! Has she ever rode a sheep? Benn on a calf scramble?

Will the people in your neighborhood help you pack? Have you started?

Detective Paco stories! Yay! Can you get a start, please. It's what the country needs!

Paco, and here I thought you had run outta of Maple Bacon Peanuts, and the fine food at the diner.