Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Democrat Ralph Northan beat out Republican Ed Gillespie for governor in Virginia.

I'm glad that I'll soon be returning to my homeland (North Carolina).


rinardman said...

I would guess a lot of the drive-by media will be saying this election proves that President Trump has lost all his support, so it's now time for him to be impeached.

So, Paco, North Carolina won the Paco retirement lottery? You're following the path of my oldest brother, who retired from the FAA and moved from Burke, VA to a Raleigh suburb. They seem to like NC a lot better than VA. There are liberals there, but it's not over saturated with'em.

Deborah said...

rinardman, for Progressives, Lefties by whatever name, everyday is "impeach Trump" day. It's their mantra.

Paco said...

R-man: Raleigh is a great area; I grew up near there (in the town of Cary).

Virginia is looking increasingly hopeless, politically. The northern part of the state is just too full of bureaucrats, lobbyists, and illegal voters.

rinardman said...

Deborah: You're right, of course, but today they had 'proof' that nobody likes Trump anymore. Rush played a montage of sound bites of a bunch of drive-bys, all saying exactly the same thing, like they all shared the same news writer: "It was a REFERENDUM on Trump's Presidency!" They are SO excited.

Paco: My brother lives a few miles south of Garner, not far from Cary.

Isophorone said...

Doesn't North Carolina have a Democrat governor also?

JC said...

Yes, North Carolina does indeed have a Democratic governor. By the time Paco retires from his taxpayer-funded civil servant job, NC will be a lovely, decidedly bluish shade of purple.

JC said...

No, the latest approval polls indicate that less and less people like Trump. Of course, the most recalcitrant Trump supporters are still firm in their support for him, but as Jesus said, "You will always have the stunningly stupid among you"
Unfortunately, there really is doing to be done about that.

HAL9000 said...

Actually JC, Trump's approval ratings are about where they were when he was elected President. Most of us did not vote for him because we liked him, and most of us still don't like him. Liberals maay favor a pol because he is just so wonderful looking and they get a tingle up their legs from the crease of his trousers, but we conservatives don't. We voted for him because the establishment pols, in both parties, have been doing a piss-poor job of governing the country for many years, and electing Hillary (or Sanders or Jeb! for that matter) would merely have prolonged the incompetence.

Trump was elected as a Tribune of the People. Sort of like the Gracchi in ancient Rome. You progs should reflect on what eventually happened there after the nobles stymied reforms to benefit the people, just as the Dems are doing now. The "Progressive" regulatory and welfare state impoverishes abd oppresses the people while enriching our equivalent of the nobility.

Nobody with any sense takes the liberal shrieking about Trump being Hitler, the Dark Night of Fascism (TM) descending on America, and how he's a racist, because they've said the same thing going back at least to Reagan about every GOP candidate and President; in every case a dishonest lie. The people acting like fascists and racists are the progressives, as we can see by the behavior of the so-called Antifa groups; violent thugs acting just like Brownshirts.

Trump was successsful because the political elite have been growing wealthy on the perks of office while continually making things harder for the people. Trump was hardly my first choice for President last year (I wanted Jindal). He wasn't even my fifteenth choice, but he was the one who threatened the entrenched nobility of DC with actual reform. For that, I'll support him.

JC said...

Verbosity does not equal insight. Your first statement is untrue, and all that follows are just paranoid rantings.