Saturday, January 6, 2018

Now, that's cold

Folks, it's time to stay inside: "Mount Washington Observatory said the wind chill at New Hampshire's Mount Washington summit could hit minus 100 at some point Saturday. It tied for the second coldest place in the world Saturday morning."

Fairfax, Va isn't that cold, but it's been down in the single digits, and at that point my internal thermometer just reads too cold for comfort. You know we're talking epic deep freeze when frozen iguanas start turning up in Miami.


rinardman said...

It's been over two weeks since we've had a high temp over 32 degrees. And several mornings in negative territory, and daily high temperatures in the teens.

Call me a denier, but I haven't seen much evidence of Globull Warming around here.

Irobot said...

Well it has nudged 46 degrees here on my personal weather station. That's Celsius. Almost 115 in Fahrenheit. So it's also an indoor day but with the air on and watching the cricket. They will bang on about it being a record here but they have only been recording observations in this area for about ten years but it fits the global warming narrative so the media will be happy. We've had hot days before and we'll have them again. Still, I'd rather the heat. Stay warm chaps.

RebeccaH said...

It got cold here in central Florida, down to freezing a couple of nights, and it snowed in the northern part of the state. Pure globull warming, for sure. Fortunately, it's beginning to warm up to more normal temps. At least we're not home. Southwest Ohio was a glacier.

Deborah said...

Here in south Texas, we're back into the 60s after dipping into the windy, frigid 20s. But this is a mere respite because there is a second cold wave headed down across the country. I wonder how the tiny winter calves are making it. Recently, we saw two cows laying in a field with a calf laying between them. It made a bit of a wind break, but didn't provide much, if any, heat. Poor babies.

Here's a "duh" statement from the article: "In most cases, they're going to warm back up and move around again, unless they're euthanized."

Are green iguanas edible? Since they are invasive, this might be a good time to put them on the menu. It's a win-win. Maybe Iron Chef should think of Battle Iguana. Or maybe a new food truck.

Deborah said...

Paco, a few questions, please? How is your father? How is Maggie? How was Christmas? How much snow did you get?

Paco said...

Old Paco's hanging in there. Christmas was great; Maggie visited with us for a couple of weeks. Only an inch or two of snow. Ominously, the town where we're retiring got more snow than Fairfax.