Monday, February 19, 2018

Eyes opened

A former advocate of Muslim immigration in Germany makes a U-turn based on her own observations and experiences:
I had to admit to myself that when it comes to Muslim refugees, they have grown up with completely different values, into which they have been brainwashed and are indoctrinated by Islam, and have no intention of adopting our values – worse, they look at us, unbelievers with superiority and arrogance.


bruce said...

My wife has an old friend who is the son of a NATO general (one of Helmet Schmidt's advisers), and we've talked to lots of other Germans, and everyone talks like this in private.

In fact I used to correspond with a Swedish social worker 25 years ago who said much the same as this woman, but had to continue in her job. I was trying to persuade her that cultural differences were paramount, as I was then studying Max Weber at university, ('Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism').

That's when you notice that we Anglo-Saxon/Scottish are different from continental northern Europeans with their submission to 'authorities' no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Actually, of course they talk more freely to my wife because she's foreign (and she raises the topic). I guess they're scared to raise these topics among themselves or, shudder, go public like this woman has.

rinardman said...

What's the old saying- there are none so blind, as those who will not see?

And just as bad are those who see but refuse to act, out of fear.

Deborah said...

This week, I saw a Somali woman who immigrated to Sweden years ago lament that her once safe neighborhood is now unsafe, because the new refugees do not want to assimilate and become Swedes as she and her neighbors did.

RebeccaH said...

Once in a while a rube self-identifies.