Monday, March 12, 2018


Totally inexplicable: "Susan Rice Told NSC Officials To ‘Stand Down’ In Response To Russian Meddling Attempts".

Could've fooled me, but I'll reserve judgment for now: "Here’s Why Jeff Sessions May Be Washington’s Slyest Fox".

Because, as you know, it's never been tried before: "Millennial Columnist Says It's Time to Give Socialism a Try".

The end of the Castro era. Will it bring real change or more of the same?

Mark Steyn takes us on a walk down memory lane with a column he wrote on Louis Farrakhan in 2001. Doesn't look as if we're seeing much change here.

Also from Steyn, some fascinating background on Mickey Spillane.

Via a sidebar link at Ace of Spades, I just discovered the interesting fact that the Japanese launched a second attack on Pearl Harbor in March of 1942. Fortunately, due to bad weather and other factors, the raid was a dud.

I knew Australia had kangaroos, but I didn't know it had a "kangaroo industry". Thanks to Tim Blair for schooling me on this subject.

Happy (belated) birthday to Chuck Norris! I missed it by a couple of days, so am probably doomed. Today's Chuck Norris fact: When Chuck Norris goes to donate blood, he declines the syringe, and instead requests a hand gun and a bucket.

Just because: a 1939 Falaschi (courtesy of Robert Avrech at Seraphic Secret).

The Hallsville High School dance team performs several numbers - dressed in Chik-Fil-A cow costumes:


RebeccaH said...

It's gratifying to see that Paco Enterprises Krazy Kostume Rental Division is prospering.

rinardman said...

A Chik-Fil-A cows dance number? It's a good thing that high school is in Texas. If it was a blue state, the SJWs would have been there to shut it down.

rinardman said...

Oh, and that car looks like a 1939 Flashy. Obviously, the word 'subtle' wasn't in the designer's vocabulary.

I looked at some other pics of it, and I think the trunk lid could be used as a ski slope.

bruce said...

Aborigines can be good chefs too:

If you visit central Australia there is a 'bush tucker' experience (not cheap tho):

Of course before Europeans arrived none of this would have been possible as food was very scarce, life was feasting and starving.

Paco said...

So, Bruce, what does kangaroo taste like? I mean, is it more like beef or maybe like rabbit?

bruce said...

More like very lean beef in texture, no fat. Tastes a little gamey but not dry. Makes reasonable steak with its own flavour: