Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Mrs. Paco and I went down to the DMV to get our North Carolina drivers' licenses today, so we are now officially Carolinians again.

Best DMV experience, ever, incidentally. In and out in 20 minutes. Although, naturally, our pictures are horrible. I'm not very photogenic to begin with, but the camera somehow made me look like a corpse that had been in a canal for a week.

After the DMV we went and had a couple of excellent burgers at Eric's Diner, which is almost like a movie set of a small-town eatery (lots of automobile memorabilia, including a gigantic Packard hubcap hanging next to the condiment stand). I am liking this town.

Oh, yeah: 70 degrees today in Southport. There's a winter weather advisory in Fairfax, VA, with up to eight inches of snow expected tomorrow. Not that I'm rubbing it in, mind you; just a random observation (Haw!)

Speaking of weather, don't miss Mark Steyn's priceless take on the "Jewnami Tsunami" identified by an extraordinarily brilliant DC councilman.


bruce said...

There aren't many places in the world which aren't being touched by the waves of 21st century 'progress'. NC may be one.

Paco said...

Eric's place is only open for breakfast and lunch, only accepts cash, and has a sign that reads "No profanity". A tasty island of non-progress.

rinardman said...

...and has a sign that reads "No profanity".

Ha! For far too many people these days, they'd have to just keep their mouth shut while they're there. A lot more places need that sign.

Found pictures of Eric's Diner on Google maps. With the American flags, military memorabilia, and big meaty sandwiches all over the place, looks like a SJW's worst nightmare. So yeah, my kind of place!

Deborah said...

Perhaps you should have waited to get that license, so that more strolls on the beach, and landscaping the new place made you look less like a corpse. It's interesting that we can send spacecraft to the end of the known universe but can't make a DMV camera that takes goid pictures.

Glad to hear Southport isn't touched by the Rothchilds, or the likes of that DC Councilman. By-the-way, does this mean that Puxatawnie Phil is a operative of the Big Jewish Weather Machine? Eric's Diner sounds great! Bet you and Mrs. Paco will be regulars.

The Carlson/Steyn clip was one of the funniest ever! Thanks, Paco! So many gems! I'm going to bookmark It.

RebeccaH said...

DMVs everywhere are government entities. Sorry, but they are. So it stands to reason that they can't take pictures that actually make you look like you.

Skeeter said...

Australia Post is the government entity that is tasked to process passport applications and take passport photos here. An English neighbour, in the process of renewing her UK passport, used AP to take her picture.
It was rejected by the UK authority.
Following the guide lines spelt out in the UK rejection notice, I photographed her in our kitchen -- one exposure and no Photoshopping.
We submitted that online and two days later she was informed that it was accepted, her passport was in the mail and she should receive it within 7 days.

Deborah said...

As a former Arizona DMV employee who took photos, tested and processed applicants, I can say that it isn't the employee who is responsible for bad photos. Some people are more photogenic than others. Paco will attest to that.

Paco said...

Well, yes, but I like to think I don't actually look like something floating in a bowl of fish head soup. My guess is they must use cheap camera lenses.

Jonah said...

On my last DMV photo I purposefully did not smile, thinking that most DMV photos look like grimacing corpses, therefore a neutral mien would be acceptable, like in a movie.

Didn't work, I look like a transient serial killer.

pakescorts646 said...
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Veeshir said...

You want a scary DMV, try Arizona DMV in Apache Junction, half the population are tweakers and snowbirds/retirees.
The DMV is about scary, realizing these people are driving.
Not sure which is worse, the tweakers or the old people, they both need to be directed to their windows as they just stand in the middle of the room spinning around trying to figure out where window 7 is, there are like 10-12 windows and funny enough, they're in order.
Very scary.