Friday, March 9, 2018

Greater love hath no man than he who lives only to hear the music of his own voice

So Barack Obama, of all people, is talking to Netflix about producing some "high profile shows that will provide him a global platform after his departure from the White House".

Swell. This puffed up college lecturer, community disorganizer and absentee senator who, through a concantenation of favorable (for him) events-including the Stakhanovite labors of an army of adoring media Mamluks - succeeded in getting himself heaved into the White House twice, refuses to fade away. The upside is that one can simply choose not to watch his absurd propaganda pieces. Although, who knows? Maybe airports will start replacing the omnipresent CNN broadcasts, bad enough in their own right, with twaddle from BHO Studios. In which case I highly recommend these.

Update: Great Tweet on the subject.


RebeccaH said...

I had been thinking about getting Netflix, but this latest news is just the dried-up cherry on top of a melted slurry of bad PR about Netflix, so I'm rethinking it. In any case, I'm concentrating on ignoring Barack Obama, his Angry Black Wife, and his whole cadre of bootlickers from now on.

Deborah said...

"...the dried-up cherry on top of a melted slurry of ..."

Well put! Brilliant!

rinardman said...

Yeah, Rebecca, I had been considering trying Netflix, too. But this news has pretty much killed that thought.

Yes, it's them being guilty by association...but they're still guilty!

JeffS said...

If Netflix is thinking about bringing 'Bama on board, they are likely looking to ramp up their audience (i.e., customers). Which implies they might be sucking air, financially.

So, yeah, better to not get Netflix.

Deborah said...

Netflix...the new Air America?