Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Ace is standing outside the saloon, boldly calling out the NeverTrumpers as they nervously sling back shots of red-eye and begin to assert, preposterously, that the "Washington Consensus" never included a component in which collusion between Trump (or his people) and Russia was seriously suspected (also see Mollie Hemingway for more details on the sudden denials by the conspiracy theorists that there was ever a conspiracy theory).

No doubt the NeverTrumpers will try to turn this story into an attempt by POTUS to assassinate Rex Tillerson: "Trump ordered Tillerson to eat salad during dinner in China".


bruce said...

Ah the ol' shifting goal posts game.

bruce said...

"Rex, eat the salad" because they served Caesar Salad specially and Trump wanted to butter them up a bit (prelude to taking them down in 'the deal'?).

Sounds like a reasonable bit of team leadership to me. Also implies Trump did not see Tillerson as team player - needed prompting.

rinardman said...

This is why I just listen to Rush, and ignore the bleating hearts of the Never Trummpers.

RebeccaH said...

I'm convinced it's all political theater and pandering. I can't believe that ALL of those people actually believe what they're saying about Russian collusion with Trump, because if they do, God help this country. We're being lead by a huge moronocracy.

Gregoryno6 said...

As the joke goes:
Thursday: President Trump discovers cure for cancer.