Thursday, March 22, 2018

Now, this guy's truly been having conversations about racism

Musician Daryl Davis hasn't just been sitting back saying "hooray for our side"; he's actually been reaching out to members of the KKK and other white supremacist groups and winning converts.

Update: Compare and contrast with this ignoramus.


bruce said...

I can't imagine what the KKK even do now. Maybe they're like Freemasons. Because anger is widespread and you don't need any group to arouse it. Those folks marching with the Tiki torches looked a bit silly, but its better than going nuts alone I guess.

bruce said...

I always point out that the burning cross probably comes from Scottish clan-rousing:

which would not be Christian, but harking back to pagan symbols: Thor's hammer:

Mike_W said...

"but its better than going nuts alone I guess."

Hey,Bruce, I resemble that remark!

bruce said...

Metoo Mike W!

I had a lot of quiet desperation a decade ago.

Now Mr Trump has made me a bit optimistic. The world makes sense again.

Deborah said...

That optimism might dissipate a bit after you realize what is in the new bill that President Trump just signed. It gives military support to Vietnam, support for development of China (didn't he just do tariffs), nutrition for Turkish women, etc. Of course, the Chinese one is funny because we're just giving their money back. I'm a disappointed Trump supporter.

Mike_W said...

Deborah, I've been reading a few comments sections on conservative websites.
A few comments noted that it is a spending bill, not a budget; so Trump is free to spend the money as he sees fit.
Remember how Obama operated without a budget for eight years and nobody knows where all the money went?
Well, maybe Trump learned something from Obama.