Saturday, April 21, 2018

Cuba not so libre

Ah, for the good old days of journalism, when reporters were objective, transparent and fastidious about presenting the facts.

Or, meh, maybe not so much: "ABC News reporter is revealed to have been intimate with Fidel Castro while also serving as a secret intermediary between the Cuban leader and the US government". I love this part: "[W]e did get to bed and he made love to me quite expertly and it was, of course, thrilling and ecstatic - as much as anything I have ever experienced." Who knew that a brillo-pad beard, cigar breath and smelly fatigues could be such a turn-on? I bet that, instead of thinking about baseball in order to prolong the, er, presentation of arms, he summoned up images of firing squads.

And on the subject of Cuba, Humberto Fontova reminds us of another Kennedy scandal: the Bay of Pigs fiasco, that occurred 57 years ago.


rinardman said... was, of course, thrilling and ecstatic...

Of course?

Paco said...

Yeah, she was going to say that even if Fidel, as the saying goes, blew up on the launch pad.

bruce said...

Power is an aphrodisiac. We know this woman who is widely rumoured to have slept with John Lennon in the mid-1960s. Not that we'd dare ask her as she's formidable. She's Asian actually and my wife meets her at seniors' physical therapy. Yes she turned Lennon on to Asian women and wrecked the Beatles, I tell my wife.

Gregoryno6 said...

Ah - your ABC. It could just as easily have been our ABC, though.