Friday, April 13, 2018

Never mind the alligators

What if one of these things is out there? (H/T: David Thompson)


RebeccaH said...

Not to worry. Jason Statham is on it.

Deborah said...

DANG! Ok, who pissed1 off Megalodon and Archetuthus? Beware what lurks in of the sea. Let's guess who the first casualty is.

Mike_W said...

I'm pretty sure I saw its big brother when I was twelve and went spearfishing off Shark Island, Cronulla.

Deborah said...

From the trailer, the shark looks like a Megalodon, the big daddy of sharks. You'd remember seeing a Megalodon. How fast did you get out of the water? Did you ever fish there again?

Mike_W said...

Deborah, my 12yo friend and I were prepared.
We had one spear-gun and two diver's knives; one each.
We also watched Sea Hunt, the TV show, so we knew how to wrestle sharks.

After seeing the Megalodon, we went home to plan our next spearfishing trip.
We jury-rigged the spear-gun with a large explosive charge at the point of the spear, fashioned from fifty penny-bungers(large explosive fireworks), a lot of water-proofing material, and ball bearings.
The Megalodon wouldn't stand a chance.

Unfortunately, we never saw the Megalodon again; but we did bag a Great White.