Thursday, April 26, 2018

Out and about in Brunswick County

Mrs. Paco and I did some shopping today, but first I drove out to the little bridge over Lockwood Folly River to take a photo (I had driven across it last week and had wanted to get a picture). Lovely place (check here for background on the intriguing name):

Later, having worked up an appetite, we stopped at Fat Andy's burger joint, where the, er, elite meet to eat:

As you can see, they maintain a rigorous schedule:

Bit of a shack, but good burgers and delicious homemade fries.

Somebody, I think one of the employees, parked this cream-puff Chevy Impala out front. Sweet!


Deborah said...

That was a great drive, Paco. I prefer little mom/pop eateries. You know it's bound to be good when the sign says,"...unless sold out". The Impala sure is sweet. Was somebody a Duke's of Hazzard fan, or is orange a thing down There?

Steve Skubinna said...

One of my favorite place names is Witch Duck Road near Virginia Beach. Supposedly it was named because they used to toss accused witches in the creek there.

Of course I disregard WA place names. Many of them are in an entirely different category altogether.

Deborah said...

Steve Skubinna What about the duck? A witch's familiar, perhaps? Never heard of a duck as a familiar, but who knows.

In the lovely Texas Hill Country, there is Goat Creek Cutoff near Kerrville.

bruce said...

Etymology of 'duck' is apparently 'to dive' (replacing Old English 'ened')and the bird was named after its action. Then Urban Dict says witches were weighed with a duck to see if they both weigh the same, or something. Both supposed to float. So if she drowned we know she's not a witch. Trial by ordeal.

bruce said...

That river view with the trees right up to the edge screams 'the American South' to me. I don't know what those trees are tho. Beautiful.

rinardman said...

Then Urban Dict says witches were weighed with a duck to see if they both weigh the same, or something.

That's from a higher authority than the Urban Dictionary. That's from Monty Python.

She's a witch!

Steve Skubinna said...

Deborah, are you asking "Why a duck?"

I believe the word was used as a verb. Incidentally, my father once told me that there was a pond at Whitman College they called (unofficially) Lake-um Duck-'em. They would grab unwary students and toss them in. Today just the name would be a hate crime.

Deborah said...

Bruce, they also "pressed" alleged witches. Could this have led to the culinary offering, pressed duck.

Steve, hahaha.

RebeccaH said...

A favorite method of witch-hunting was to tie the suspect to a chair and lower said suspect into water as many times as it took for them to confess being witches. This was known as "ducking".

Mike_W said...

Regarding the beautiful photo of Lockwood Folly River:
If I zoom IE Explorer to 400% zoom, I can see at least two Bigfoot hiding in the foliage and four alligators lurking along the riverbank.

Paco said...

Mike: Those photos of Bigfoot are worth a fortune. I need to send an expedition down there to round up the critters before the alligators get to them.