Friday, April 6, 2018


And the lion shall lie down with the ham.

Yesterday, Mrs. Paco, Maggie and I took the ferryboat from Southport across the Cape Fear River over to Pleasure Island, the home of several popular beach towns. The main point of the trip, aside from the boat ride, was to visit the Fort Fisher Aquarium, which I highly recommend. In addition to many and diverse specimens of aquatic life, there is an outstanding exhibit of robotic dinosaurs.

Plus, you don't see one of these every day: an albino alligator.

Today we took a walk down to the neighborhood marina, a nice feature for the nautical types in the area.

And, especially for Bruce and Skeeter, here's a photo of the little channel leading from the marina to the Intracoastal Waterway (gateway to the pleasure of safe sailing!)


bruce said...

Thanks Paco, reminds me of the canals of my yute, but yours is nicer.

RebeccaH said...

Nice. I envy you being so near all that smooth, kayakable water.

Skeeter said...

Those empty marina berths are crying out for a 40' motor-sailer with, say, 'Miss Maggie' in fancy lettering on the stern.

Paco said...

It's tempting, I'll say that.

Deborah said...

Makes me long for the days of whale/dolphin watching with Captain Dave's Dolpin Safari out of Dana Point, California.

Maggie makes friends easily. Will Daisy be jealous?