Monday, May 7, 2018

Eric Schneiderman takes role playing to next level

Eric Schneiderman has resigned as New York's Attorney General in the wake of charges of physical abuse by (at last count) four women.

He claims the violence was consensual "role playing". Now he gets to play a new role: former Attorney General who resigned in disgrace.


bruce said...

I just learned a new word to describe people like Eric: opprobrium.

Coined to describe Medieval German 'robber barons' - Raubritter. When the elite practised common robbery, the citizens joined together to form a Rhine League which wiped out the bad barons one by one, destroying their castles during the Great Interregnum when there was no emperor (1250–1273).

bruce said...

Trump predicted this in 2013.

All these publicly-signalling feminist-men are suspect, 'they doth protest too much' covering up their own crap. We've all suspected it's a scam all along haven't we. Sick of the hypocrisy of the entrenched elites.

Paco said...

Hypocrisy on stilts. A facility with feminist jargon is simply their ticket to participation in politics.

Steve Skubinna said...

As a general rule I am always suspicious of anybody who goes to great lengths to tell me how virtuous he is. Perhaps I would not notice virtue being demonstrated unless it was pointed out to me... or it could simply be that telling everybody about your virtue is easier than actually having any.