Thursday, May 10, 2018

Moral: don't be a Dick

Or "Dick's", rather, not if you want to maintain credibility in the shooting community. Dick's Sporting Goods not only decided to stop selling so-called "assault" rifles and high-capacity magazines, it also decided to destroy its inventory of same, and to replace its Washington lobbyists with gun-control activists.

At least two firearms manufacturers - Springfield Armory and Mossberg - are terminating their business relationships with Dick's.

More to come, I imagine.

Update: MKS Supply has also cuts its ties to Dick's.


JeffS said...

Good riddance to bad trash.

Jonah said...

I guess they expect to increase their sales of sleeping bags and raquets? in response to their principled stand.

Jonah said...

Hey what is Salty Tusk? Great name but it seems to be the internet equivalent of a dead end street on googlemaps Greenland.

Paco said...

Jonah: It was a conservative humor site that, apparently, lost its lease. I need to delete it.