Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announces his resignation

Or, as the Democrats would say, "It's Chaos and Old Night! Auuuughhh!!!!"

Based on the immediate and widespread leftist meltdown, I'd say we can expect one of the nastiest confirmation fights in the history of the Supreme Court. My advice?


Veeshir said...

My advice? Buy stock in whoever owns Orville Redenbacher, whoever makes stuff for cleaning up spittle and mouth foam and safe spaces.

Deborah said...

And coloring books, crayons, merlot in boxes (glass is too dangerous), blankies with ribbon trim, lavender essential oils, and blunts.

RebeccaH said...

Ever see a dog or a raccoon get into a hen house? Squawking, feathers flying, running to and fro. That's what Trump is doing to the Dems, and man, is it ever entertaining.

Mike_W said...

When Trump was elected, I did some intertubes browsing and found a page describing a prophecy by some dude predicting that Trump would clean up the judiciary(Sorry, can't find the link now; the intertubes thought police have been busy).
Sotamayor has been melting down; this is a good.

I hope that prophecy comes true.