Friday, June 29, 2018

Bolsheviks now crowding out Mensheviks in Democrat Party

Bernie Sanders, Bill de Blasio and now the latest addition to the constellation of red stars, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Uncle Joe would have been so proud!


RebeccaH said...

A pox on all of them.

Veeshir said...

Trotskyites should be the most afraid.

bruce said...

Noted elsewhere: they're going to run all the white males out of the Dems. At what point do the shrinking few who still have jobs in the Dem Party realise they're cutting off the cosy branch they sit on? The Dukakis's and Gephardts? Crocodiles are eating them all, who will cry 'enough!'? You can only re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic for so long. The tail can not wag the dog.

There was this moment on Morning Joe where he tried to take Mika's hand and she humiliated him, see the look on his face, like reality hit - he realised he'd fallen down a rabbit hole.

Paco said...

Bruce: That's an interesting point, and one that hadn't really occurred to me. Of course, it's a whole lot funnier that it also doesn't seem to have occurred to white male Democrat politicians.

HAL9000 said...

They ought to have realized something like that would happen from the moment Joe Lieberman was purged from The Democratic Party for being an American patriot. The Left has been driving out everybody to the right of Lenin for years now. And their reasons are owing to issues that old Vlad would have thought insane.

Schumer and his ilk will remain; where else can they go at their ages? Others will remain to be the gray eminences pulling the strings. Stalin started out as General Secretary of the Party, a fairly low level post, and used to to climb the greasy pole to absolute power. Such people will crawl out of the wainscoting if the Dems manage to get their wish for absolute power (look at them moaning recently about people they disagree with actually having free speech rights; they'll deprive us of our rights as soon as they can.