Monday, June 25, 2018

Maxine on the scene

Lest we forget, "extraordinarily low IQ" congress-critter Maxine Waters was a vocal apologist for the LA rioters in 1992.

Waters might have forgotten that not everybody rolled over for the looters in 1992...

Something to think about as the left keeps pushing the envelope on acceptable behavior.

Photographic negative of Klansman.


Deborah said...

The riots and looting was south of the Hollywood Hills, but everyone was still on edge and under curfew. I was in North Hollywood (near Univeral Studios), and it was eerie like the calm before a storm. Thankfully, it the rioters didn't spill into the Valley. Everyone was glued to tv.

The scene that stands out most prominently for me is a armed Korean father and son on the roof of their store. Looting was rampant. Looters didn't care if these shop owners had helped them out over the years. They felt entitled.

This footage is from the Los Angeles CBS affiliate. I don't remember seeing it. The anchors were more interested in the legality of the weapons and the protectors than the protection of the business. None of the stations I watched brought it up.

In post-riot LA, residents of the trashed neighborhoods could not understand why businesses did not want to come back,or be established.

Paco: "Photographic negative of Klansman." Perfect description.

RebeccaH said...

What strikes me is the negative tone of the news people in that video clip. How dare these Asians protect their property from violent rioters and looters, with guns no less! Are those guns legal?!? And the "language barrier", obviously that's on purpose!

I truly hate news reporters now.

And yes, there's only one black woman in America who's uglier, both in looks and spirit, than Maxine Waters, and that's Whoopi Goldberg. And I'm not even sure about that.

Deborah said...

Maxine and Whoopi are made with the same cookie cutter, and nasty recipe dough.

Deborah said...

Richard McEnroe was working security in Bel Air during the riots. The residents were in a panick, convinced that the looters would be there at any time. Panic buttons were going off and the phone at Bel Air were melting. Sporadic gun shots at imaginary foes could be heard. Shrubs took hits.

The judge who handed down the verdict, knew what the ramifications would be. He went home, packed suitcases, and fled LA.

Steve at the Pub said...

Huh? Correct me where I'm wrong, but isn't rioting awfully unlawful....
.. but the TV was worried about the legality of people who were... victims of rioting?