Monday, June 18, 2018

That's a relief

Following up on my earlier post on Washington: Psychopath Capital of the United States, here's more information on the country as a whole. Note that North Carolina is the fourth least psychopathic state (in anticipation of Steve Skubinna's likely question, no, I'm not aware that the state has slipped a notch since I moved here).

"Welcome to Connecticut!"


Steve Skubinna said...

They make an interesting point about DC, because many of the psychopaths afflicting it (and us) actually live outside there.

I was looking for data on WA. Our own standing would be largely due to the baleful influence of Seattle and Olympia, two formerly excellent cities ruined by statist psychopaths.

bruce said...

Connecticut yankees?

Deborah said...

What happened to Alaska and Hawaii? The researchers assigned a co-tie to Wyoming (which they agree needs to be reassessed), but couldn't come up with numbers for Alaska and Hawaii? There might have been a dart board involved (read "grant money running out".

Texas came in at nineteen. I blame it on Austin, Dallas, Houston...the big cities. Not too many psychopaths in the cornfields, and amongst the cattle.