Wednesday, July 4, 2018


The NeverTrumpers continue being mock-worthy. Singling out George Will, specifically, I believe what grifter Paul Newman said about Robert Shaw's gangster character in The Sting is applicable: he made his biggest mistake the day he decided to be somebody. Will made his biggest mistake the day he decided he wasn't just a political columnist, but a political philosopher.

DNC Chairman, Tom Perez: "Our most fundamental values are under attack". Damn straight, comrade! Because "fundamental values" for a Democrat these days represent a mixture of the Communist Manifesto, De Sade's diaries, Lord of the Flies, and Kafka's The Trial.

The UK "Justice" system continues giving Tommy Robinson the runaround.

Ooo! I think I'll take two of those. 'Cause if the Left is "woke", it's in my best interest to be a damned insomniac.

The always interesting Paul Joseph Watson joins UKIP.

Some half-wit at the UK's Independent Tweeted a little Independence Day snark. They never learn. Try this one on for size, punk:

(Cartoon by Patrick Cross for PJ Media)


Veeshir said...

While our bureaucracy and deep state is out of control, the Brits' is in control and despicable.
They had to make sure Alfie died and now they're trying to make sure Tommy Robinson is murdeted.
They let it happen bit by bit and now they're back to being serfs.
They lost that status because of the longbow and then they gave up their guns got it back.
Sure we're boned, but the rest of the world is exponentially more boned.

RebeccaH said...

Thank you, God and my ancestors, for making me an American!

Deborah said...

Same here!