Monday, July 23, 2018

BOLO (Silver Alert)

Update and bumped

Well, it looks like the fellows in the white coats successfully employed their extra-large butterfly nets and secured Mrs. Clinton. And, due to the kind and skilled efforts of the staff at Friendly Forest Rest Home, she has finally found herself...

Nothing like being back home, among friends (H/T: friend and commenter JeffS)...

"So, there I was, walking south along I-95, free as a bird, when these Russian agents dressed as highway patrolmen pulled over..."

Name: Hillary Clinton
Age: 70
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 195 pounds
Missing from: Friendly Forest Rest Home, Chappaqua, NY, July 22, 2018.
Circumstances surrounding disappearance: Subject reportedly fled from a paint-by-the-numbers class at aforementioned facility after ascertaining that the picture she was working on was a likeness of Donald Trump.
Description: Last seen wearing a hospital robe and colostomy bag.

If found, do not approach. Subject prone to violence. Contact local police.

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)


Steve Skubinna said...

That's not a colostomy bag. It's an IV drip, a mixture of Ringer's and vodka.

We anticipate that she'll surface in a few hours when the bag runs out.

bruce said...

I'll keep my ears open but do we really have to look?

RebeccaH said...

They should follow the trail of empty chardonnay bottles leading into the woods around Chappaqua.

rinardman said...

Another sharp-eyed observer noticed something else she was wearing at that appearance.

Just in case bill isn't around to help her get vertical again, I suppose.

Veeshir said...

That's hilarious rinardman.

That dres makes me wonder if the woman who dress M'Shell and refused to dress Melania Trump is dressing Hillary.
No boob belt, but still just as 'stylish'.

JeffS said...


Subject is easily triggered, and may fling contents of colostomy bag without warning.

JeffS said...


rinardman said...

I suppose we should be grateful for small things.

Like, that she found a shower curtain to cover up with, and not a couple of lace doilies off the furniture!

bruce said...

Sparknotes jogs my memory:

Here’s goodly gear.
A sail, a sail!
(Benvolio makes the cry of a sailor who spots another ship on the horizon because the nurse is fat and sily-looking.)
Two, two — a shirt and a smock."

bruce said...


I stretch it out for that word “broad,” which, added to the goose, proves thee far and wide a broad goose."

Deborah said...

Omar the Tent Maker is branching out. To be fair, her dress isn't bad. Hey! It isn't a Mao pantsuit. And it has a pattern.

bruce said...

I'd say poor choice of colours Deborah. Brings out the blue veins and pallor.

Mike_W said...

News just in: THING, scarier than Bigfoot seen wandering woods wearing mu-mu and colostomy bag, intravenously administering gin and tonics.