Friday, July 20, 2018

Happy Feet Friday

Of all the stars in the pantheon of American jazz, perhaps no one was more versatile than Benny Carter. Master of the alto saxophone, clarinet, trumpet and piano, composer, arranger, band leader and talented sideman, and ultimately a music educator, Carter was professionally active for over 60 years. Here he is, from 1946, leading his band in a performance of Rebop Boogie.


bruce said...

They had to make out that rock & roll was something new in the 50s to grab a market niche, but this sounds like r & r to me.

Also the name Benny was overshadowed by Goodman for me and I tended to miss Carter's stuff, it all becomes a blur. It's great to take the time to appreciate these guys individually with our tasteful Pacoenterprises DJ.

JeffS said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing!

Paco said...

This music makes me want to climb into my a Zoot Suit, with the reet pleat and a drape shape.